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Hold on Zeusy, part two.



After spending two nights at Don’s Motel in Linton, ND. Game Warden Schmidt came and got us.

Off we went to retrieve the canoe and gear parked at the Grenz ranch. Herb Grenz had moved it further on shore. High winds on the lake prompted putting it further up. He had also called the hotel that day to warn me not to come out and paddle. The winds were too high. This makes impressive swells and waves on Lake Oahe.

When we arrived we were met by Herb Grenz who had a lively conversation and I learned how the ranchers of ND. don’t hesitate to take care of wildlife suffering from the deprivations of hard winters. Great stuff!

Warden Schmidt and I loaded the canoe and all my gear into the bed of his truck. He was driving us to Beaver Bay campground where we can take it easy while Zeusy recovers.

We had a great conversation about NorthDakota, Wyoming, Linton, and I learned a lot. We also shared in the conversations that LEOs share wherever they come across each other in the World. We also shared the thrill of seeing Pheasants and the ND State Bird, the Eastern Meadow Lark.Warden Schmidt set us up in a great place. A restaurant and store are up the hill, and a 360° turn lays your eyes on the beauty of North Dakota.

Dr. Stacey was called and she advised us how to proceed with Zeusy’s recovery. She is the best!

We will be here until he heals. Zeusy is mostly sleeping and eating. I promise you I am fully using my canine loyalty until he is better. He does it when I am not well.

What are pals for right?

Thank you again Warden Schmidt, and the people of North Dakota!

Rivers, Somewhere, Zeusy

Fastest man alive !

So all Sunday night it stormed like crazy. I was fortunate to be camped on the Turnbull ranch  (fascinating story itself will write it later) Thanks Turnbulls!

I had to pump water out of canoe, and sand as well that fell into it when the tops of the sandbanks kept collapsing into it. Wet, wet everywhere. Was up most of the night worried the canoe would float away even though I had two lines on it.

Regardless, got it taken care of and got going down river. Great day to paddle. Overcast and temps in the 70’s. Really felt great.

I later found us a place to camp on a cool sandbar. So I got out of the canoe and got too concerned about charging this phone off of the solar chargers.

Hmm what do you think happens next?

For the first time since I can remember I don’t stick with my routine and tie off the canoe, or stick by it.

Starting to get it?

So I am fiddling around with this phone and a charger when I look at Zeusy just as his ears go straight up with a Scooby-Doo, “Huuhh! ” expression !  He is looking right into the river.

Got it now don’t you !

I look up to see the canoe turn into the current.

I foolishly wandered myself behind a large pile of driftwood that I have to run around to try and cut the canoe off.

Now I have chased a lot of things and people down but this became the most important pursuit of my entire life! 

I drop the phone and the charger in my first few steps as I start saying to Zeusy “We got to get that! ” over and over again.

Zeusy was right by my side the whole way. I don’t even remember my feat touching the ground as I flipped off my hat and sunglasses.
“We got to get that! ”

I tore the raincoat from my body as I reached into every pants pocket tossing anything out. Knife,glasses, hand sanitizer, trash and gum, all making a nice trail as I kept my eye on my target as it picked up speed and went further from the shore.
“We got to get that! “

I approaching a 5′ sandbank with my loyal buddy by my side as we both jumped into the river.
Down we went into the water and you wouldn’t believe it. It was only ankle deep with a sand bottom.
“We got to get that! “

Only my momentum saved me from a perfect Youtube slow-mo faceplant.

So we ran until it was to deep and time to swim . In we went. We were so close. Then we were in the current and with a huge grab and…

I GOT IT !!!!

As I twist to change directions I look for the man and he is still with me!  Swimming like an Olympic champ! 

“This way Zeusy! ”  ” Come on buddy, come on” and we both swam as quickly as we could over to the bank.

I finally got to where we could stand and I pushed and shoved the canoe back to a good spot. I was drenched. It was about 65° by now as I started to shiver.

In no time I had changed and tied the canoe down with TWO lines as I went to gather all I ejected while I was running.

I noticed it was more distance than I thought it was and I did break the cord on the charger. 

A small price to pay for what would have been a very long walk to town. And yes town is on the other side of the river!

Yes your right ! I really goofed!
And I do know what the dog thinks of the whole affair!

People in Montana, Rivers, Somewhere, Wildlife, Zeusy

Nathan and Zeusy’s new best pal Marshall



While waiting at the James Kipp Rec. Area which is the end of the Upper Mo. river breaks, and into the Charles M. Russell Nationional Wildlife Refuge I had the most amazing campsite mates anyone can imagine. Marshall is from St. Coix, Wisconsin, and spends his summers with his dad a resident of Montana. What a great opportunity for them and for a few days for me as well.

Now Marshall is a first class kinda guy that has a big heart for dogs and others. Now if you talk to Marshall be ready to talk hunting, fishing, and dogs. He taught me everything I need to know about fishing that section of the river. Types of fish, and how to catch them. He also talked a lot about his four pawed pals Trigger and Bruto.

His dad is first rate as well, an experienced outdoors man and awesome father who spends a lot of his time with his boys. It shows in his son, a happy 13 year old who is glad to be in Montana with his dad.

Now Marshall would catch the fish, and his father would cook it with potatoes, carrots, and onions as well. They invited a waiting river traveler to dinner every night. It was an amazing meal !

I hitched a ride with them to Roy, Mt. To the Roy’s Market. While there Marshall made sure Zeusy would get a brand new rawhide bone. When we returned to camp Zeusy got spoiled with the new rawhide and ate it until one end knot was left.

The day Nathan and Marshall left Zeusy got a little down. It was obvious that he missed them. Why wouldn’t he ! Marshall would throw a stick for monster dawg in the river, at camp, and he always got a ton of attention.

That night Zeusy and I went to bed and he went into the tent and I followed. When I laid my head down I noticed that he fell asleep with the knot of the rawhide bone. He carries it around now not chewing on it.

I think he has happy thoughts about a first class kid who treated him like he was one of his own.

Thank you both gentlemen ! Your freindship I will always brag about having !

PS I dont have the means to download pics from the camera, but when I do I will add the Dixie chopper boat right here.