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We made it into the top 15 finalists for the “Live Your Kurgo Adventure.”  We are elated !  Would you vote for us one more time?  It is easy. Click on the link to our Kurgo profile and click the like button. Super simple. So vote for us one more time !  Thanks !  Zeusy would like to shake your paw!


Some thoughts on sponsorship………

 Kurgo is sponsoring four different people, with four different dogs with their 2015 “Live your Kurgo Adventure” project. They have given these four different people with their four different dogs a fantastic opportunity to explore and complete their four different adventures. The plus side is they get the chance to photograph, video, and write for Kurgo so they can share this adventure with the World.


Sponsorship of adventures and exploration on our amazing planet has been occurring since man looked in the direction of terra incognita and has petitioned a more wealthy benefactor with a please and a thank you.

James Gordon Bennet jr, the wealthy heir of the New York Herald told his newspaper reporter Henry Morton Stanley to go find Livingstone on the African continent. Adventure for a news scoop, very common for the brash Bennet.

John Jacob Astor at one time the wealthiest man in the World sponsored an overland and naval expedition to what is now the Northwest United States to explore lands ripe with the furs so highly in demand in Asia and Europe. Astoria, Oregon is still named for him. A common gesture by adventurers to the financial backer of their enterprise. The expedition failed thanks to the war of 1812, but is an amazing story.

So why sponsor people and their dogs for an adventure? It makes sense actually. Only in the last century or more has the concept of cars, trucks, jeeps and airplanes as tools of adventure and exploration have come to be the norm. Before the horse became the beast of war and burden people traveled with their dogs. Indigenous people migrating with all their worldly goods packed on a travois that is strapped to their dog is well documented. Dogs are what pulls the sleds in colder hemispheres. Dogs got Amundsen the prize of the South Pole.

Some dogs are more well-known in the history of adventure and exploration. Seamus, Meriwether Lewis’s intrepid Newfoundland was the main dog of the Lewis and Clark expedition across America’s newly purchased territories from France. Robyn Davidson had her dog Diggity as she trekked across the deserts of Australia for over 1700 miles.

In today’s modern World the dog is still a daily part of life among their two footed friends. The lucky ones get to go explore the wilder places that seem to be a more natural fit for some dogs.

So Kurgo is giving four different people with their four different dogs an opportunity of a grand adventure. What a fantastic idea !



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