SolarPuff Disaster relief.

So I am taking a SolarPuff with me down the Missouri river, and going to purchase one or two more. I love this product because it is a solar alternative to kerosene , battery operated, or any kind of lamp you can think of. Waterproof too !

Now the amazing part. It was designed to provide lighting to disaster areas starting with the Haiti earthquake disaster. They now are on a mission to provide these amazing little lights to Nepal that was wrecked bad by an earthquake.

Want to get involved ? Go to their kickstarter campaign and donate !

These lights can provide lighting to those who need it. Not only for disaster relief but those in need of lighting to help normal everyday activities made harder by the disaster. Think about it !  A midwife performing her necessary care for a mother in labor. A farmer tending to his animals. A little boy or girl who is afraid of the dark.

So here is SolarPuff…..


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