The Plan !


After Zeusy’s traumatic injury we are Wintering in Linton, North Dakota. It will give Big Dawg time to heal, and the Northern Plains to explore!

The plan is to cross as much of the United States as we can on the Missouri river. We will be sharing many blog posts, photos and videos so you can share our adventure.  

Starting around Ft. Benton, Montana, Zeusy and I will paddle a canoe back to St. Louis,  Missouri. A trip of around 2300 miles, we plan on stopping To explore National Wildlife Refuges, National Forests and Parks as well as what the States will offer.

We have no specific deadlines or agenda. We just want to see, experience, live, and be amazed by this river journey.

We hope to see you out there!

4 thoughts on “The Plan !

  1. Roger and Norina Fisher says:

    Just checking on you and Zusey, hope you both are safe and in good health. The fisher’s at Fort Peck.


    • Hi Roger and Norina! Doing great! Thought about you and your awesome family when I paddled around in the confluence of the Milk river. It was so cool watching the Milk and its milky flow into the Mo.
      Hope everyone is great. I am currently at the confuence of the Mo. and the Yellow stone. The paddling from Ft. Peck to here was beautiful !


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