North Dakota, Rivers, Somewhere, wind

Around we go!



Thanks to my dear friend Catherine I am re-supplied and portaged around Lake Sakakwea.
Had a great day with her laughing. She slipped away less than 24 hrs later. Headed back to St. Louis. Too many pans on the fire. I had fun!

Took most of the day to move food,gear, water, and canoe 1/4 mile to river. Re-supplied for about 5-6 weeks.

Re-loaded the Canoe and set out early in the evening.  I wanted to make a few miles just to get going again. Camped on the sandy bank. Zeusy is fed.

Wind still crazy and paddled thru white caps. Hugging the shore like it’s my favorite teddy bear. Tough
Crossing the river near the spillway of Garrison dam. Wind not being polite. It made me do it. River very wide at this point.

Hope everyone is happy and smiling!