Where do they go ?


So where do they go ? Now that it has come to it’s end.

Is he back in the mountains of New Mexico, sniffing through the pines ?

Is he on the Missouri river in Montana ? Running wild on the banks of the river until he cools his heat in the flows ?

Is he once again asleep on the couch that he is not supposed to be ?

Is he barking at the horses in North Dakota, or chasing the geese in the places we have roamed?

Body surfing in the Ocean ?

Is he asleep in the tent covered by fleece.

Is he running fast with freedom in his heart ?

I still feel him about me very loyal and close.

I can see him walking through the bottomlands in the State we called home. The heat of Summer making it lush and green. A place he was happy, with a river close by. He is walking away forever, I can’t call him back no matter hard I try. 

It’s over and his time has come. All I can say is I love you, I will miss you and goodbye !! You have been the best dog ever !!!

Best wishes my ever loyal and my dearest friend ! You changed me forever and for that I am grateful, and I will be until the end.

Heart broken


13 thoughts on “Where do they go ?

  1. Todd Parker says:

    Craig, I teared up reading this because I knew how close you and your dog were. You had a lot of wonderful times with him. I miss chatting with you and hope to talk soon.

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  2. Pen Kimes says:

    Craig – the heartbreak of losing your four-legged soul mate is deep. Your wonderful
    memories of adventures together will help hold your heart, mind and soul together while time passes, albeit ever so slowly. You’ll be reunited again one day and it will seem like only a moment has passed between you. My heart aches for your loss because it’s so familiar. May you find peace and soon love another who longs to be loved so generously!

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