Nokota Horse, North Dakota, Somewhere

Customer service at the waterhole


You start by dressing for the occasion after all it is North Dakota.

Then you drive to the pasture, park, and grab a pick-axe.

Take the pick-axe lay the head of it on the top wire of the three strand barbed wire fence so that it will partially pull the wire down. Then use the top of the pick-axe as a stable cane and step over the wire. Carefully.

Then start hiking. Use the horse trails. The trails made by horses that is. Observe the beauty and remind yourself how lucky you are. Don’t leave the pick-axe, you are going to need it.

The whole time the majority of your customers have their heads up watching what you are going to do.

Get to the water that is now sheathed in Winter’s grip.

Now start picking.

In no time you should get a decent enough hole open.

If you are lucky one or more customer will come partake in the product you are trying to give them access to.

Take a selfie. Get more than you and the horses rear in the pic. Your friends would have a field day.

Walk back using the horse trails. Similiar to game trails but way bigger!

Observe the beauty, and feel the indescribable feeling of joy of being there in that moment.

Look for wild animal tracks.

Cross the barbed wire again.

Sit in the truck and observe all around you. Tell yourself how lucky you are. Over and Over!




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