North Dakota, Somewhere

Fancy Machinery


So I picked up a third job as a ranch/farm hand.

Been working hard with the boss, Paul, to get the rest of his sunflower crop harvested. It is done.

So we went to move equipment to get the last of his corn crop in. The cornfield is 45 miles away.

Want to guess who drove one of his combines the 45 miles?

Yep, after some fast instruction off I went at a top speed of 16.2 mph in a beast of a machine worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.


With 35-45 mph sustained North Dakota winds that gust up to 60mph and the fact that the machine steers from the back I drove through a field, down a dirt road then over a gravel road I tried to keep my confidence with the feel of how it works.

Sitting up so high you get to see real well all the obstacles that would make this little journey a complete disaster.

I was getting a little confident as I turned left on a two lane highway to my destination with white knuckles.

I noticed that everyone waves at you in North Dakota when you drive. It gets worse when you are in a large piece of farm machinery.
Hope nobody cared that I was afraid to take my hands off the throttle and steering wheel for the first hour.

Was so relieved when I made it !

If I went to a fortune teller a month ago and they predicted this I would have called them crazy.

You never know where life will lead you!  No doubt about it!


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