People of North Dakota, Somewhere, Zeusy

Hold on Zeusy, part two.



After spending two nights at Don’s Motel in Linton, ND. Game Warden Schmidt came and got us.

Off we went to retrieve the canoe and gear parked at the Grenz ranch. Herb Grenz had moved it further on shore. High winds on the lake prompted putting it further up. He had also called the hotel that day to warn me not to come out and paddle. The winds were too high. This makes impressive swells and waves on Lake Oahe.

When we arrived we were met by Herb Grenz who had a lively conversation and I learned how the ranchers of ND. don’t hesitate to take care of wildlife suffering from the deprivations of hard winters. Great stuff!

Warden Schmidt and I loaded the canoe and all my gear into the bed of his truck. He was driving us to Beaver Bay campground where we can take it easy while Zeusy recovers.

We had a great conversation about NorthDakota, Wyoming, Linton, and I learned a lot. We also shared in the conversations that LEOs share wherever they come across each other in the World. We also shared the thrill of seeing Pheasants and the ND State Bird, the Eastern Meadow Lark.Warden Schmidt set us up in a great place. A restaurant and store are up the hill, and a 360° turn lays your eyes on the beauty of North Dakota.

Dr. Stacey was called and she advised us how to proceed with Zeusy’s recovery. She is the best!

We will be here until he heals. Zeusy is mostly sleeping and eating. I promise you I am fully using my canine loyalty until he is better. He does it when I am not well.

What are pals for right?

Thank you again Warden Schmidt, and the people of North Dakota!


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