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Solo Kayaker


So Zeusy and I were making lunch when we looked out on the river when we saw a solo kayaker headed downstream. As the paddler grew nearer I gave the internationally recognized sign of “Friend.”  A wave.

So as she waved back she yelled ” Is there any water and electric? ”

I responded in the positive and she came in to the landing.

Well just as she came in the USFWS backed a huge trailer down the boat ramp and released four Palid Sturgeons back into the river.

I joked with the newly arrived paddler about how great her timing was to be able to see a prehistoric endangered species being released back to the river.

In no time we had her electronics plugged in and I had Ellen Mcdonah, of Wisconsin for a great visit.

I had heard about Ellen from another paddler way back in the Upper Mo. River Breaks.

You see I was told Ellen has already completed the Mississippi river and was writing a book about it.

I often wondered as I put some miles in if I was going to run into her.

The river reveals thing to you when the time is right.

So Ellen and I talked about how we came to be here. She shared with me her life long love of being an artist by sketching Zeusy and I in our journal. It is so cool!

She said her book should be completed this winter. After she completes the Missouri. And oh yea, she is illustrating it with her own paintings.

A pleasue to meet you Ellen. Safe travels and see you somewhere downstream!



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