People of Montana, Somewhere

The Fishers



A little way back in time I had the pleasure of meeting the Fishers and their awesome family.

I had been portaged the night before around Ft. Peck lake and was just West of the dam where the Missouri begins flowing its course again.

My happy little self decided to hike with Zeusy to find smokes. A seven mile roundtrip past Ft Peck and back brought me to my humble home for the evening.

I was approached by the Fisher’s son-in law who was carrying a large plate of taco salad, a bottle of water and a kind heart as he offered me the food. The food was fantastic!

I was I invited to join the Fishers for a bit. Norina told me how her grandmother would feed those that appear hungry. Norina inherited her grandmothers altruism.

Somehow the flowing conversation went to her people the Assiniboine.

She talked about clans and told me about how the “Red Bottom” clan got their name because the bottoms of their tipis would be dyed red from the red clay they frequently pitched them in. “Not because they had red butts! ” she said.

Roger, a veteran of our fine military and working in  administration for local hospitals was great to talk with about just anything, laughing while using his quick wit and easy style of conversation.

The next day the grandchildren kept me entertained with a thousand questions as the swam and I re-packed the canoe. But not before Roger drove me to the water spigot so I could fill my water containers. Much more distance than I expected to the water and I was going to need it!

The kids saw me off as I paddled away I thought how lucky I am to meet such great people along the way!

By the way the lil’ one in the walker is named “Echo” what a doll!


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