People of Montana, Somewhere

While at James Kipp. Waiting for portage

(While waiting the week to get around Ft Peck lake )


Roy, Montana ! What a town !

Roy, Montana is about 28 miles in a southerly direction from the James Kipp Recreation Area and if you are serious about great little towns in America then this a place to experience !

A kindly gentleman took pity on this water logged river traveler and drove me into Roy. For that I am grateful to grab a few things, and had cell service to text and check in. It had been 10 days and I took the opportunity to call or text those wondring where on Earth I could be.


As we drove into Roy, we were in the Charles M. Russel National Wildlife Refuge. The Charlie Russell my new freind called it. Finally after years of dreaming I made it here is what I called. Over a million acres of refuge. Home to every wild thing Montana has to offer. Pronghorn Antelope, Elk, geese, pelicans, cranes, prairie dogs and so much more. I have read about the “Charlie Russell” for ages, finally I am here.

As we pulled into Roy’s main street I was instantly impressed the the street was no longer than the city block I had called home for nine years. But Roy had something the 5000 block of of Oleatha did not. And that is character. Roy had its own distinct one of a kind personality.

Our first stop was Roy’s grocery. As we puled up I noticed something that was a working part of history. A working telephone booth. Once the only way to call home when out and about. Taken over by cellular technology. But there it was. The blue colors was a bit faded and it was missing a few panes of glass. But I giggled happily at setting my eyes upon it. Roys grocery had everything I needed and then some ! Everything you can imagine is sold here. Sandwiches to plumbing, what a great place!

Next stop “The Legion” Bar and restaurant. Tammy took care of us at the bar with a fine burger and fries. Met Steve who advised against paddling Ft. Peck lake. As the diner hour drew near, a couple of parents with their children came in for dinner. One gentlemen came in to discuss with Steve about getting concrete work done for the local preacher. You see the preacher was in the hospital after having a stroke. They were going to get the concrete work done for no charge. No sense in burdening a man in the hospital.

Fantastic talking with everyone.

Roy is one of those places I neber forget. Like Lone Pine, Ca, Cloudcroft, Nm and many others.
Very special are these amazing places

Roy, Montana is one of those special places in America because last years graduating high school class of five is an example of how small Roy is. But Roy has more character than most big cities I have been in. Much more!

A place I won’t forget, some places just do that !


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