Making it there

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So I have a lot to write about and a ton to share ! I will hit on the highlights so this doesnt turn into a ling boring novel.

The trip to Montana was fantastic ! We stayed in a cabin in the Loma area for a few days putting things together like buying a canoe and related stuff you put into that canoe. Alesi and I took the canoe to the Teton river to try it out and to start conditioning Zeusy to canoe travel. It did not go without one complete tip into the water with predictability Zeusy being the first in the water. Thats because he jumped ! This daring act of getting out as fast as possible sent Alesi and I turning in the canoe and then into the water. Zeusy was happy to play with any log he could find in the river as we hand pumped the water out of a very water heavy canoe.

For you Lewis and Clark fans we visited Decision point. This is where the Captains consulting with everyone in the Corps of Discovery as to which was the real Missouri river. The river that came from the North or the one to the West. After a lengthy stay and a lot of recon they chose the one to the West. It was the right one. You can find that on your amazing map Rob Heege !

Ft. Benton is a very cool and super friendly place. We walked into a pharmacy and a gentleman sitting at a small table with a few older ladies immediatly assisted us with what we were looking for. Turns out that they are a bunch of people there for their impromptu morning coffee gatherings at the pharmacy. The gentleman didn’t even work there but was most helpful. Ft. Benton and Loma are very friendly places ! A big thank you to John the river guide, Mariah the waitress at the Grand Union Hotel, Brian at the BLM Interpretive center, and the biggest thank you to Scotty the Auctioneer. Your freindly character made a lot of things happen by you making a phone calls and for that I am grateful!

My last biggest thanks to my support crew Catamaran and Alesi. Without you two I would not be sitting with Zeusy camped looking at the famous White Cliffs of the Missouri river in the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument of Montana putting these words down.